Book Review: The Four Agreements

This book is good recommended reading for up and coming entrepreneurs, because this book basically explains the 4 elements that will help you live a much peaceful, and successful life.

We need to understand that “Agreements” are everything we believe in. For example, some people believe in certain religious elements because that is what was implanted in their head by their parents, culture or society.

So the 4 Agreements are meant for you to live a better life and they are:

Be Impeccable with your word: Speak with integrity and only speak what you mean. Don’t use your word to create hate towards other people. Instead, use your word to create and spread love.

Don’t take anything personally: Nothing that anyone does is because of you. When someone does or says something to you, it’s because of his/her self; their own reality or life. By not taking anything personally, you avoid breaking the first agreement because you become immune towards what other people say about you.

Don’t make assumptions: Don’t assume, always have the courage to ask and express clearly what needs to be expressed. That way you will avoid misunderstandings that will create sadness and drama. By accepting this agreement you will avoid breaking the first two.

Always do your best: It does not matter what situation you are in, just do your best. It will change from moment to moment. Your best will be different from when you are healthy, to when you are sick. Just do your best. That way you will avoid self judgment and regrets.

National Marketing Conference in New Orleans!

The One Chicago team is back from another epic trip! This year’s National Marketing Conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The theme? “Ignite Your Intensity!” The National Marketing Conference is an annual event, a forum to discuss and share innovations and best practices to succeed in business. Our company believes in investing in hard working team members, therefore, the National Marketing Conference is exclusive and is by invitation only.

In order to maximize on professional development opportunities, there are dedicated workshops created and organized by our talented conference committee. Breakout workshops focus on instruction, systems, leadership, and cultivating culture. Workshops are led by guest speakers and cover growth topics specific for sales professionals, human resources team members, and leadership teams.

In addition to a full day of learning and development, the National Marketing Conference also includes a night of spotlights and celebration! This year, the theme for the awards banquet was the Millionaire’s Masquerade Ball! Everyone donned their most festive masks, formal evening gowns, and black-tie ensembles to celebrate the success of top performers. It was inspirational and a great reminder that hard work and results always get rewarded. Award recipients were recognized for outstanding results in the categories of consistency, quality sales and organizational growth. Award winners also got a chance to share best practices on stage and talk about their upcoming goals aspirations.

To cap off the awesome event, attendees were also able to enjoy the city of New Orleans and the rich culture it had to offer. Known as the melting pot of French, African, and American cultures, New Orleans boasts an incredible night life, a wonderful cuisine, and a rich history. Foodies flocked to Cafe Du Monde to have a taste of their iconic beignets, a delicate dessert covered in powdered sugar. Others opted for more savory options with New Orlean’s finest seafood, gumbo and alligator dishes. For those wanting to see the nightlife New Orleans is known for, Bourbon Street was a mecca for live music and festivities. Being in the heart of Louisiana’s oldest neighborhood, it was hard not to find something to enjoy!




Get to know Josh!

Get to know the One Chicago team! This week we’re learning more about Josh.

• Originally from Shakopee, Minnesota (just outside the twin cities)

• Moved to Cortland, IL when he was 4 so his Dad could manage the family business

• Attended: Augustana College in Rock Island, IL (Quad Cities), where he studied Pre-Med/Biochemistry/Economics

Josh joined the One Chicago team because he wanted to continue working in sales, but at a place where he loved the work environment and also would be able to continue to grow professionally. He was excited about the positive interview experience he had and feels now that he made his best career decision yet. His competitive nature and strong work ethic have helped him earn numerous awards for top performance and he has already broken the national campaign daily sales record. Outside of the office, Josh loves to hike, free climb, ski, travel, play sports, and work out. He is a DIEHARD Cubs fan, and every year he travels to Central and South America on mission trips.

Fundraising for Operation Smile!

“The companies that survive longest are the ones that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy. Some call those things a soul.” -Charles Handy

The One Chicago team is fundraising this year to benefit Operation Smile… keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks with their blue t-shirts and donation cans.

Supporting Autism Speaks!

The One Chicago team had a blast at the Autism Speaks Walk! Held at Soldier Field, the event helped raise over $700K to benefit Autism Speaks.

Midwest Regional Leadership Conference

One Chicago team members spent the day learning from some the best in the industry at the firm’s Midwest Regional Leadership Conference! Speakers addressed a variety of topics like: how to reinforce the habits of success, financial planning, coaching and development of others, training 101, and setting smart goals.

The team also helped raise over $1100 to benefit the children’s charity, Operation Smile!







Get to know the One Chicago team!

Get to know the One Chicago team! Meet Tamara, Human Resources…

• Born in Serbia 🇷🇸
• Grew up in Illinois. Also lived in California and Nevada.🚛
• Studied marketing and graduated from the Univ. of Nevada, Reno. 📚
• Fun fact: Tamara started a sustainability club at UNR. Go green! 🍃

Tamara joined the One Chicago team because she was excited about the opportunities to grow professionally. She loves the team environment and that her role allows her to help her team grow. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her dog, attending yoga classes, meal prepping, and being outdoors.

One Chicago- 2017 Kickoff Conference in Austin!

What a great way to kick off the year! The One Chicago team headed to Austin for their 2017 Kickoff Conference. On top of being recognized for top performance nationwide, the team heard from top performing industry professionals, reconnected with colleagues from across the nation, helped raise over $13K for Operation Smile, and checked out the awesome city of Austin!

Check out the video on YouTube!


The One Chicago team was named Best in the Nation for Q2 2016!

One Chicago- Campaign Cup Award

The One Chicago team was named Best in the Nation for their performance in Q2 of 2016!

One Chicago, Inc. earned the “Campaign Cup” award for excellent performance during the second quarter of 2016 measured against other eligible offices on the same program. The team at One Chicago, Inc., which won this national sales recognition in 2014 and 2015 as well, is already working toward keeping the Cup in their office during the next quarter.

Click here to learn more.

2016 Kickoff Conference in Austin!

The One Chicago team is back from an action-packed weekend in Austin, Texas! The management and human resources teams headed south for their 2016 Kickoff Conference. The conference is an annual event that the team attends for educational purposes, and the itinerary is packed with educational workshops, break-outs and classes. The team heard from top-performing industry professionals on a variety of topics such as team leadership and management, organizational development and expansion, and goal setting and priority management. They also attended a general session where they got to see two individuals receive capstone achievement promotions.

On Saturday evening, the One Chicago team enjoyed attending a beautiful awards ceremony and banquet called, “The Millionaire’s Ball.” The team looked great and enjoyed dressing up for the black-tie affair. At the banquet, they participated in a fundraiser to benefit Operation Smile, and cheered on their colleagues during the awards ceremony. Outside of the meetings, the team was able to catch up with colleagues and friends from across the nation. The weather was sunny and warm, so it was nice to catch a break from the cold, Chicago weather. The team enjoyed checking out local hot-spots in Austin, touring around Sixth Street, and trying out local barbecue joints and other Austin favorites. It was a great way to kick off 2016!

Check out the video from the event on YouTube!