At One Chicago, Inc. we invest resources, time, and energy into our employees’ personal and professional development. Our company values growth and expects excellence. That is why we only promote from within, and promotions are based on performance.

Through professional development, special assignments, cross-training, coaching and mentoring, we proudly invest in our best talent and their future within our organization.

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At One Chicago, Inc. an integral part of our organization’s growth is based on our management team’s ability to understand all aspects of our business from the ground up. All new hires begin in the Entry-Level phase of our training program where they learn the basics of sales and marketing.

Successful business owners and CEOs report that the one skill that they believe contributes most to their success is sales. Many people associate the word “sales” with things like manipulating, pressuring, and cajoling, (like old-school, unlikeable car salesmen). But if you think of it as explaining the logic and benefits of a decision, it is a skill everyone, not just business owners need. For example, managers can help employees understand the importance of following new systems; developers show investors how a project will generate revenue. (Inc. Article. April 2, 2012).

In the One Chicago, Inc. Employee Education Program, we ensure that all team members understand the basic techniques of sales and marketing. These skills will not only help them be successful with our firm, but throughout their future.

Areas of Training and Development:

  • Effective Business Communication
  • Learn Industry Demands
  • Making Effective Presentations
  • Handling Objections
  • Self-Management

As an Account Manager, you’ll take care of customers and learn what goes into managing a successful business. Regardless of college major or professional experience, the One Chicago, Inc. Employee Education Program allows individuals to learn our business from the ground up and understand how they play a significant role in seeing it succeed.

Areas of Training and Development:

  • Client Account Negotiation
  • Basics of New Client Acquisition
  • Client Retention and Relationship-Building
  • Hands on Field Training
  • Leadership, Coaching and Training of others
  • Public Speaking

Once the individual has completed training in all areas of Level-Two: Account Management, they will be promoted to Level Three: Assistant Management. The purpose of this phase of the program is to prepare a future manager to be able to handle all aspects of office and campaign management in anexpansion office for our clients.

Areas of Training and Development:

  • Time and Priority Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Event Planning and Execution
  • Human Resources and Talent Scouting
  • Business Administration
  • Interviewing and Recruiting Basics
  • Franklin Covey FOCUS workshops
  • Corporate Goal Setting
  • Payroll and Accounting Basics

Management. We have structured the One Chicago, Inc. Employee Education Program so that the managers we promote have experience leading, teaching, and executing roles in every aspect of our firm. We want to ensure that our management team is able to speak from experience when they are coaching and leading team members in expansion offices for our clients.

Areas of Training and Development:

  • Business advertising, branding and marketing
  • Business development, market selection and strategy
  • Advanced training in business finance
  • Plan for continued personal development
  • Advanced personal finance training and preparation
  • Organizationalconsulting and leadership

Once the individual has completed all aspects of the Employee Education Program, they will receive One Chicago, Inc’s Management and Leadership Certificate. They will be promoted to a management role, where the individual will assume responsibilty for all business operations in One Chicago, Inc’s next expansion office. Duties will include full campaign and market direction, business finance, payroll, advertising and marketing, recruiting, admnistration and team development.